Who Was the Real Jesus?

We know he was not the blue eyed, blond hair, "gentile" looking Jesus! We're talking about the (most likely) dark haired, brown eyed, sun-tanned skin, Middle Eastern looking Jewish Rabbi, wearing a prayer shawl with tzitzits, teaching in the Temple and cleansing in the mikvah (pool of water) every time He goes in! It is a proven fact (if you read the Apostolic Writings - Gospels) that the real Jesus ("Yeshua" in Hebrew) was a Jewish Rabbi teaching Torah. He always taught Torah and never said He was going to replace it or get rid of it. To do so would have made Him a false prophet.

Let us be clear - Yeshua was a Jew. The whole "New Testament" or Apostolic Writings are written by Jews. Yes, even the book of Luke. It's all about practicing Jews. Jews that went to the Temple to pray and make sacrifices. You see nothing changed after Yeshua died and ascended into Heaven. Until 70 AD when the Temple was crushed by the Romans. That's the day history turns the page.

Check us out. We encourage you read through this website and spend time looking up Scripture. It's all there. You just haven't been taught it. And we know the fact you are visiting this site that you have been thinking about it. The Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh in Hebrew) has been tugging at your very soul to explore and learn these things.

Open your heart to learning new (really ancient) ideas about the Messiah. Your life will be blessed beyond expectations! And the many questions you have always had may finally be answered!

NM Kujawa
Lansing, Michigan USA