Chapter 11 - Jesus is Returning to the Temple

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We know Yeshua is returning. Everyone believes that. We are taught in the church that there will be a great “rapture” or taking away. And most believe that He will come “half way” in the clouds and then gather us up to heaven. But, then what about His coming back to rule and reign on the planet? When does that happen? Does He leave us in heaven when He comes back to the planet? I had so many questions about that. Then I began to read Scripture.

When He “gathers” His people, He is gathering us to Israel. Every talmidim must understand this it – in the depths of our heart. If you read the end chapters of Ezekiel and many of the other prophets you see He is returning to the Temple in Jerusalem, entering in the Eastern gate. This would be a great time to “gather” up the nations and bring us there with Him. Many verses allude to this happening, here’s just one:

Ezekiel 11:17 “Thus says Yehovah our Elohim: I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you out of the countries you have been scattered, and I will give you back to the Land of Israel.”

Interesting enough, when He descends back to earth, He comes in from the East. When we read Torah we learn that HaShem orders the tribe of Judah to camp to the EAST of the Sanctuary (Numbers 2:3). Of course, we know that Yeshua comes from the line (tribe) of Judah. And He has Moses, Aaron and his sons also keep charge of the Sanctuary by camping by the East entrance (Numbers 3:38).

The reason I find this so interesting is that Yeshua, when He returns, will enter by the Eastern gate of the Temple. Ezekiel 43:1-2 "After this, he brought me to the gate facing east. There I saw the glory of HaShem of Isra’el approaching from the East. His voice was like the sound of rushing water, and the earth shone with His glory." The East. The place of the rising sun (and the rising Son!).

Here are some interesting verses about “the East” and His Word:

Angels guard the east side of the Garden. Genesis 3:24

The Mercy Seat is anointed with blood on its east side. Leviticus 16:14

When the first Temple was built, the priests stood on the east side of the altar. 2 Chronicles 5:12 “And then the glory of HaShem filled the Temple”.

Levites (Priests) were "keepers" of the East Gate in the Temple. 2 Chronicles 31:14

Shechaniah, a descendent of David, is in charge of repairing the East Gate after return from Babylon. Nehemiah 3:29

HaShem removes our transgressions as from the East to the West. Psalm 103:12

He will gather His people first from the East, back to Israel. Psalm 107:3. Isaiah 43:5

Men will commit an abomination by turning their backs to the Temple and FACING East worshiping the sun (Instead of facing the Temple and worshiping Adonai!). Ezekiel 8:16

Angels in Ezekiel's vision, stand at the Eastern Gate of the Temple, and the glory of HaShem was above them! Ezekiel 10:19

The glory of HaShem stands on the mountain East of Jerusalem (Mount Olives where Yeshua will return once and for all). Ezekiel 11:23

The Glory of HaShem enters through the Eastern Gate in the final Temple. Ezekiel 43:4

In the final Temple the water will flow from the altar through the Eastern Gate to the sea in an incredible, awesome, wonderful way. Ezekiel 47:1

Yeshua is prophesied to return to the East of Jerusalem, on Mount Olives where He will set His feet. Zechariah 14:4

The wise men see the "star" in the Eastern sky. They follow it to find the Messiah Yeshua. Matthew 2:2

Yeshua says that when He returns it will be like lightning flashing from the East to the West. Matthew 2:9

Those who are resurrected to dwell with Messiah will first come from the East, then the west and so forth. Luke 13:29

The Final Jerusalem has Eastern Gates. Revelation 21:13

The East

The East seems to be important to HaShem. The sun rises in the East. The Garden was guarded by the East. The Temple Eastern gate is designated above others. And He will return through the Eastern Gate. And we are not to turn our backs against the Temple and worship to the East.

Why the East? Why not some other direction? We know the Tabernacle and Temples faced East. And if you think about it, really it makes perfect sense. The Glory enters through the Eastern Gate and Yeshua returns through the Eastern Gate - so to have the Tabernacle face East - it is like it is "ready" to receive the glory. If it faced west, south, the Glory would have to turn the corner! Now the glory and presence of HaShem can go and will go straight into the Temple! And this Eastern Gate is protected, then and now.

What is noteworthy, is when you visit Jerusalem, you will see the Eastern Gate is SEALED SHUT. And Muslim graves are planted to the East of the gate. Why? Tradition says that they are there because they know that the Jews cannot "walk" through the graves to get to the gate. That would make them "unclean". What they don't know, is that Messiah can walk through ANYTHING. And He will. He will walk through this area and open the Eastern Gate and ENTER. It is promised. AMEN! Just goes to show that even those who do not believe in Messiah, have a sense of what is to come!

Yeshua is returning to the Temple. There His talmidim with help Him. That’s us! The Bible is not clear what exactly that entails, but one would assume that would involve serving, worshiping, helping, and teaching. Are we ready?

What is very important is that we pray. Pray for either the Temple to be rebuilt so that He will come or that He will come and build it for us! Come Yeshua, come! Blessed is He who comes in the name of Yehovah!

More Thoughts on the Temple and Yeshua

The existing Eastern Gate is sealed. No one can enter and it is blocked by Muslim graves.

Here are the facts: Yeshua is coming back and resides in the Temple on Mt. Zion. He enters by the East Gate. He dwells there forever! And here is the part we haven't paid attention to: We are to measure the pattern for the Temple! And we are to take it's entire design and all its laws and PERFORM THEM! I believe He is telling us to BUILD THE TEMPLE. We have the instructions in detail! And we know this

HE IS NOT COMING BACK UNTIL THIS TEMPLE IS THERE! BUILD IT AND HE WILL COME! Do you get it? The reason He may very well be delaying His arrival, is there is nowhere for Him to dwell! Remember in King David and King Solomon's day in 2 Samuel 7:4, HaShem approaches Nathan and tells him to tell David -"Thus says Yahweh: 'Would you build a house for Me to dwell in?'" And later Solomon builds this "house" for HaShem. He builds the Temple. And in 1 Kings 8:10-11 we read what happens when the Temple is completed and the Ark is brought into the Holy of Holies:

"And it came to pass, when the priests came out of the Holy Place that the cloud filled the house of Adonai, so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the clouds; for the glory of Adonai filled the House of Yahweh.”

They built the Temple and HaShem came to dwell in it. His glory overwhelmed them. Can you imagine?

So, who teaches this? Who teaches that we should be praying and preparing the Temple for Yeshua to return, for His glory to fill His House? A place where we will be gathered to serve Him forever. Can we begin to pray and build?

There is a group called the "Temple Institute" in Jerusalem ( We went and visited this awesome ministry. They are getting many things ready for the Temple. They have plans to build a Temple. However, this Temple does not resemble Ezekiel's Temple.  Could this Temple they are planning be the third Temple? And the final Temple, the one in which Messiah returns is the Fourth Temple? Only time will tell.

All I know is we must pray! Don't you want Him to return? Don't you want to be "raptured" to Jerusalem? I do!

All these years I have prayed Psalm 23, and now today the last verse has a new meaning:

Psalm 23:6 ”And I will dwell in the House (Temple) of Adonai forever." We are going to dwell with Him. Hallelujah!