Favorite Post #5 - The Post-Incarnate Emanation

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I wanted to share something really interesting. It was said by my friend at Shabbat last week. We were discussing the "Emanations" or manifestations (appearances) of Adonai (G-d) in the Tanakh ("Old Testament"). Christians will say that the emanations are the "pre-incarnate" Christ. But, we discovered something different.

First some background to this discussion. In studying the Tanakh - particularly the Torah - we see many "appearances" of the "Angel of Adonai (the L-rd)". It appears to be that the "Angel" is really Yehovah (G-d). Or another thought is that Yehovah is speaking through the angels, that they are His "sent ones". I tend to believe that these sightings of the "Angel of the Lord" were more likely "emanations" or presentations of Yehovah.

Look at the story of Samson parents in Judges 13. The "Angel of Adonai" appears to Samson's mother, and then to his father. In fact when Manoah (Samuel's father) first meets the Angel he says,"Are you the Man who spoke to this woman?" He said, "I AM." Judges 13:11. This is a HUGE hint of who this Angel is.

Then they have a discussion about the mother being pregnant and that she is not to drink alcohol or eat anything unclean. Manoah (Samson's father) offers to slaughter an animal and fix it for the Angel to eat. The Angel refuses saying instead make it an offering. Manoah wants to honor the Angel and asks Him His Name. In Judges 13:18 He responds, "Why do you ask My Name, seeing it is Wonderful?" The King James versions uses the word "Secret" and not "Wonderful". In Hebrew "secret" is "pili" which means wonderful or incomprehensible! Surely this must be a true and wonderful emanation of Yehovah!

Next, Manoah sacrifices the animal and something incredible happens. The Angel of Adonai "ascends" toward heaven into the flame of the sacrifice! Judges 13:20 "For it came about when the flame went up from the altar toward heaven, that the Angel of Adonai ascended in the flame of the altar." They saw this and fell on their faces! Never will anyone bow down to worship an angel, this had to be an Emanation of Yehovah.

We see many other places where Yehovah seems to appear. Over and over again, He is described as an "Angel of Adonai". Until something very different happens. At a time when Rome is in control of Israel, and the Jews are being "tested" in every way, He decides to "present" Himself again - only to completely take on the form of a human from conception! He becomes the POST-INCARNATE EMANATION of Yehovah! Yeshua! He "incarnates" the shell of a human body, where as before He just descended as an "Angel". We say "post" because it is after His many visitations throughout history.

The Word says that He always was, always is, and always will be. And I believe He has always "shown up". And He will "show up" again. One final time. When He gathers His people (those who have joined His Covenant in Israel) to Jerusalem, where He will rule and reign from the Temple. Where a river of healing water will flow out from the Throne (Ezekiel last chapters).

I had never heard it described before that Yeshua (Jesus) was the "post-incarnate" emanation of Yehovah until my friend pointed it out last week. Try to understand this. Sometimes we have to sort of "unwind" what we have learned and let Adona download the Truth into our brains. This, I believe, is the Truth. It makes sense, and Scripture supports it.